Bead Peeps swap n hop

I finally finished 3 pieces for the swap n hop.  Thank you all for being so patient.


I made two bracelets and a pair of earrings.




I’m sorry about the crappy pictures. My partner Heather Richter sent me the most beautiful pieces to work with.  I hopped over and look at all the reveals for this swap and let me tell you there are so many beautiful pieces. You are all talented people. I am so happy that Heather used the clasp I sent her as a focal it looks amazing.



  1. Love your bracelets and earrings, I especially like the bead flowers with the Love focal. What kind of stitch did you use? I like that you stuck with the back and white on the bracelets, but the red on the earrings just makes them pop!!!

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  2. just popped by to look at your blog. I lost my partner and was also given Catherine King. She’s amazing but I am not a bead embroiderer and I find her work a little intimidating. I also liked the red bead rim around the leaf earrings, that was a good idea. Don’t worry about the pictures too much, you will get better at taking them. Bye for now, sheila


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